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the water. eyewitnesses talking about the final moments before a small plane crashed in the peninsula just before noon. that's our top story tonight. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. >> investigators search for what caused the planes to go down. ktvu's robert handa live in redwood city where he spoke to witnesses to the crash. >> reporter: gasia, we're here along the redwood shores lagoon where we've been watching divers and rescuers trying to remove two more bodies from the wreckage which at this hour is still under water. the incident and the possible identity of the one of the victims have people here reeling. a lot of people saw the engine plane nose dive into the water just before noon today. the plane contained a pilot and two passengers, took off from
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san carlos airport. the redwood shores lagoon is surrounded by businesses. and quite a few people told us that they saw the plane was in trouble before it hit the lagoon. >> a big splash, a big thump. >> i saw the wing turn very sharply. i saw it come straight down, as i recall there was a slight spin as it went into the water. >> reporter: the sheriff department rescued divers as well as the coast guard. one body, a woman was found outside the wreckage. >> i don't know what happened, why she was not in the plane, but i can tell you she was found a couple of feet from the plane. she was not seat belted into the interior. >> reporter: the plane's fuel and oil has leak into the lagoon water but the lagoon has been closed since a sewage leak earlier this week and now will
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remain shut down. >> we're going to issue an advisory to the redwood shores community that they should stay away from the water throughout the lagoon. >> reporter: some pilots at the san carlos airport told us they believe one passenger was bob borman, the founder of borman steel company. some employees at the east palo alto airport confirmed borman was on board. and the ntsb is taking over the investigation. live in redwood city, robert handa, ktvu channel channel 2 news. the man who police say shot and killed a deputy is back in the area. andrew barrientos was flown in and is being held at the county jail. he was arrested just a few feet from the border with mexico after police say he took off from the shooting scene in oakland the day before. he is scheduled to be arranged
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on tuesday. today people showed up to donate blood for officer young. since his shooting almost a week ago, young has had several surgeries and blood transfusions. his condition was upgraded this week from critical to serious. and now to the latest on that killing spree that left five people dead in the east bay. today new steps are being taken to determine whether the bodies of two women are linked to a string of crime and we're getting more information on an elderly man in custody who's linked to one of the victims. ktvu's allie rasmus is live with the latest. >> reporter: the coroner performed autopsies on two women found in this vallejo home behind me. the autopsy report will not be available for the next couple of weeks so we don't know when or how the women died. but police hope the findings will help piece together the
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puzzling murder. the bodies are of acadia and smart. allie lived in this home with her husband. vallejo police came to the home and discovered a shallow grave in the backyard where a body had been buried. police also found another woman's body inside the home. >> we're still trying to figure out what charles writhenhouse involvement is in the house. >> reporter: the two bodies were not the only thing found in this house. >> the nta found a container labeled uranium. they are not sure what the item is until it's itemized. >> reporter: writhenhouse was arrest for possession of explosive chemicals. writenhouse worked as a chemist. this is a picture of the
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company from google earth. the company makes ejection seats for u.s. airplanes. police say writtenhouse is a suspect in the death of his wife segundia allen and her friend marcia smart. friends and family question klineed to speak with us but a neighbor remembered the 60-year- old woman as a friendly, happy person. >> she would be out there and she would make sure and she would wave and say how are you. you don't get that many people, you don't get that many neighbors that say that. that go out of their way. >> reporter: vallejo police say this man 38-year-old efren valdemaro is also a suspect in the death of the two women. valdemaro was shot and killed by police earlier this week. here's the connection, police say valdemaro lived in
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writtenhouse's home on and off for a period of 10 years. because of that connection, it's possible that valdemaro may have had something to do with the death of the two women here. allie rasmus, ktvu news. police are still looking for fredrick salas. he and his father went missing from the home they were living in. efren valdemaro is suspected of killing the elderly men. as for fredrick sales, investigators say he still could be alive and they are looking for him. >> he was in an altercation with his father and the suspect last sunday august 22nd, so there is concern for his safety. >> reporter: investigators say the three men had had a fight a few days earlier and it was possibly because valdemoro suspected that his girlfriend cindy tran was having a
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romantic relationship with either fredrick sales or his father. fredrick sales and richard sales both rented rooms in fan's home. well filling up his personal car with the city's free gasoline. today there is fall out from those actions for a fire chief. all that is coming as the city of alameda is closing down fire stations and laying off firefighters. >> reporter: we got a tip early this morning, right after that leave went into effect. a short time later, the deputy's city attorney confirmed it to me. >> fire chief kapler has been placed on administrative leave effective today september 2nd. >> reporter: until? >> until further notice. >> reporter: you will remember
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these pictures today showing fire chief kepler putting gas into his personal video. kepler defended the actions saying it was part of his contract. >> there was nothing that i didn't do that was in my contract. >> reporter: we did obtain a copy of his contract. where he opted out of using a city vehicle in return for a payment of $250 each month. there is no mention of using free city gas. he said it was a verbal agreement when he was hired. kaplar faced similar allegations when he was a fire chief in the lake tahoe area nearly 20 years ago. is this latest gas controversy the reason for today's leave. >> it's a personal matter so i can't really go into it any further. we do have an acting chief, mike fisher that will be running the department in his
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absence. what you do see here is david kapler would have been chief for three years the minimum time he needs on the job to be eligible for lifetime medical benefits. while the chief has said he welcomes an investigation, other city sources told me today they think he'll be on paid administrative leave till september then be allowed to retire. reporting live, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. in san francisco, a protest against the hyatt hotel corporation. workers walked a picket line at the hyatt regency this morning. they say they faced cuts. >> especially when high corporations are expanding and growing and yet they are demanding all these concessions from workers. >> we just need to get back to the bargaining table. at the end of the day, if they
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have an effect of chasing away business, that business would have been worked by local two zone members. >> this was one of two demonstrations planned around the bay area. dell says it won't match hp's officer to pay $2.30 a share. the hp bid came less than an hour after dell offered $32 a share. if the deal with palo alto's hp goes through it'll be the 36th deal in the valley in the last year. fire was reported this
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morning on the rig owned by mariner energy incorporated. all 13 workers were moved to shore. no one was seriously injured and there's no sign of any oil leaking. the coast guard rescued all the workers in water that was 300 feet deep. >> certainly too early what sparked the fire. the coast guard plans to do interviews with those who were rescued from the rig in order to the determine the cause of the fire. >> there had been an earlier report of an oily sheen near the rig. okay, did you feel it? an earthquake jolted the bay area today. caused one bay area city sending a strong message tonight when it comes to high speed rail. find out what it plans to do in an effort to derail the project. right now the fog is moving back in along the coast. i'll show you where it'll be tonight and then again tomorrow morning.
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quite a scene in the santa cruz mountains early this morning. a truck carrying about 20-tons of beer lost control on a curb along highway 17 and tipped over just south of summit road. the southbound lanes of that highway were closed for about five hours starting at 6:00 a.m. the truck driver wasn't hurt but the chp officer says he could be cited once this investigation is complete. along the coast of the carolinas, the last ferry took off. after that, everybody will batchen down and wait for hurricane earl to arrive. >> reporter: good evening frank, the winds are starting to pick up at this hour. preparations have been going on all day long, residents racing for hurricane earl and tourists
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today were ordered to evacuate. hurricane earl is approaching and the entire eastern seaboard is on alert. >> with the close proximity to land, there's bound to be a considerable amount of damage from that. >> reporter: east coast beachgoers like these in ocean city maryland started to feel earl's effect with a rough see and tall waves. but right now the focus is north carolina where earl is expected to have a big impact overnight. >> whatever is going to happen is going to happen. there's not much you can do expect board everything up. >> reporter: thursday morning thousands of tourists were told to evacuate the outer banks ahead of the storm's arrival. >> you hear all these noises and you know what they are. either houses or trees falling, so yeah we're going to get away from this thing and keep him safe. >> absolutely. >> reporter: despite orders, some long time residents aren't
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budging. this family has pets pets they are too concerned of leaving behind. >> i would like to have some place they are safe. i would have to be here to make sure they didn't get hit in the head or drown or no food. >> reporter: for those with decades of hurricanes behind them, earl is just another storm they'll ride out. fema says their teams are on stand by and they are ready to assist. and they've already sent supplies to some states, including water, food and generators. >> here at home a minor earthquake rattled richmond. bart stopped its trains for about five minutes to check its tracks and found no damage. air quality managers declared today a spare the air
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day. the high temperatures and stagnant air leading to unhealthy air today. this is the third spare the air day of the season after a mostly cool summer. overnight to our chief meteorologist bill martin with a look at our weather. >> we had temperatures into the triple digits in many locations. some coastal areas were a little bit cooler but generally hotter in the inland bay valley. the fog is back at the coast. you know what that means, the fog has been lingering off ocean beach. i've made a few phone calls out there. you can just see the fog offshore but it is still not on to the beach. but what i am picking up are some winds right to the golden gate bridge. right here where they're going to press the fog right into san francisco tonight and into the pacific as well. the fog is back in our forecast. that does mean a cooling trend. there might everyone be dense fog along the great highway tonight because that fog is really tightly packed.
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fog is not going to make it into livermore. it's not going to make it up to concord u be , but it's going to make it to berkeley and san francisco. i dare say the cooling is beginning right now as the sea breezes have kicked up in the last two hours. with that in mind, cooler weather right along the coast of the bay. you will still find 90s inland. let's bring temperatures down about five to 8 degrees, a little bit cooler. and along the coast maybe 10 to 15 degrees. this is your friday forecast for the kids heading to school. if you're heading to work, you're going to have fog and it's going to be very dense along highway 5 out to pacifica. you see it hugging the coastline. coastal and bay fog may be a little bit of drizzle and poor visibility. not very far inland tomorrow morning. i'll have your forecast for an area where you live back here in just a minute. we'll see you then, thank
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you bill. the state's plan for high speed rail is meeting with more opposition today from yet another bay area community. a palo alto the áf city council vote was met with opposition. the city would put pressure on federal and state agencies to pull funding for the project if it is not more responsible. it also says it will work with other cities opposed to it and even consider legal action. the resolution now goes to the full city council for consideration on september 13th. new developments in palo alto come just as the white house indicated it'll release another batch of funding nationwide. it made a total of $2.5 million would be distributed. a state transportation agency has reported that california has asked for half of that
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money. that's on top of hundreds of thousands of dollars receiveed from the stimulus. california is a front runner to get some of it. >> the states that are more advanced in their planning, are closer to receive the funding. >> reporter: and kunz says there's much misunderstanding of the high speed rail system. mideast peace talks are just getting under way again. up next, find out about a pledge to derail progress before it even really beginning. analysts weigh in on who really won that debate between fiornia and boxer. and the future of a city's police department and whether it will continue to operate. south of laredo, there's a place...
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senator candidates fiorina and boxers both came out swinging in yesterday's debate carried live right here on ktvu. >> i think the senator should be ranked on her record. >> the candidates expressed
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different opinions on issues. people on the no fly list should not be able to obtain guns says boxer. but fiornia says the no flight list is mismanaged and should not be used to take away people's gun rights. >> we should not be taking away constitutional right from citizens and giving constitutional rights to terrorists and that's exactly what barbara boxer is in support of doing. >> pilots have a right to carry a gun in the cockpit because there's so much concern by the pilot that is they be able to take action. that's where you want to have a gun on the airplane. not giving it to people who are on the terrorists watch list. >> the san francisco chronicle manaluchi was a panelist at the debate. >> we saw really good debate because you saw the clear differences between these two
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women on so in different issues from environment to jobs to stimulus package. because boxer is the incumbent senator and i think there was no knock out punch from fiorina you have to give her the win on this one. >> the debate was held in moraga. at this point the only debate scheduled between the two candidates before the november election. it took two months to get the heads of israel and pakistan. israeli prime minister and
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palestinian president were cordual. and agreed to meet every two months and said they could come to an agreement soon. an oakland city councilman has added to an effort of finding who killed a 13-year- old boy. several jobs in the bay area are soon to vanish, we'll tell yo which jobs and why, coming up.
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i will never forget the day you die. the words of a sister talking about the killing of her 13-year-old brother. funeral services were held today for jamim clark: to give you a sense of just how devastated the community is, one oakland city council member is taking stepping to finding the man who killed him. >> reporter: a remembrance for anyone who passes this spot. today family and friends said their final goodbyes. they are still looking for answers and oakland police are
5:30 pm
still looking for his killer or killers. >> reporter: today family and friends joined together to celebrate the life of jamil clark. his sister wrote a poem for his funeral. >> i will never forget the day you die, as i stood on the curb teared filled my eyes. >> reporter: the 13-year-old was shot and killed august 25th. police say he and his older brother were walking on bancroft when someone came up to them, pulled a gun and shot clark in the head. police are still looking for a motive and the killer. >> the investigator assigned to the case is working very diligently. this case is really affecting all of us. >> reporter: knowing that some piece of crucial information could still be out there, oakland councilman larry reed announced he is putting out his own money looking for tips. >> if there's someone out there that knows something, you call
5:31 pm
me and i will give you a check for $2,500. and tomorrow i will make sure the family has another check for $2,500. >> reporter: the death of the 13-year-old has been tough for many to accept. while his family struggles, the leaders of the high school where clark attended are looking for answers. >> he was 13 years old, there was nothing in the world that he could have done to deserve this. >> reporter: there's one more memorial set for tomorrow evening. there's still a reward for information in this case. the right tip could be the key to finding his killer. we're live in oakland, christien kafton, ktvu news. a 16-year-old salinas boy is in critical condition after being injured in an accident. the 6-year-old found a shotgun
5:32 pm
under his parent's bed. his 12-year-old brother tried to take the gun away and that's when the gun went off. the two were home alone at the time. the san carlos city council could decide today whether to outsource the city's police department. the city is considering using the san mateo police department for protection. if the city council approves the switch tonight, the matter will then go to the council. if it is approved there, the issue will tentatively go to the department. david stevenson live in san francisco now with more on how they say this federally funded program provides paychecks and it's so crucial. >> reporter: at the internet archive in san francisco today,
5:33 pm
the quiet steady work of scanning books went on for 145 jobs who 145 works who may lose their jobs and paychecks. >> i know that i'll be out there too. >> reporter: san francisco officials, business leaders and workers called for a $3.51 billion year extension of the federal stimulus funds that funds the city's jobs now program. >> this program arguably is the most successful stimulus program in the united states of america and i can back that up. >> reporter: jobs now uses federal dollars to reimburse business who hire local employees. it will reduce welfare roles by 20%. >> we can head out $450 a week not to work or $447 a week to work. >> reporter: the jobs pay an average of $19.45 per hour and
5:34 pm
employee largely african american workers between the ages of 25 and 44. doing jobs that stimulates the economy. >> people who work with me are building a library of books that will go to every school in america. >> reporter: 10 states plan to lobby the senate to approve an extension when congress returns next week. >> what i hear is that they have good employee, they want to keep the employees but the financial situation is that they're not going to be able to do it. >> reporter: for jobs now workers, set to receive their last paycheck at the end of the october the clock is ticking. >> i'm worried that, what am i going to do after these funds run out, am i going to lose my job. >> reporter: jobs now employers are kicking off an online campaign. they estimate 1/4 of new jobs
5:35 pm
nationwide are at risk. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. there is encouraging news today on the economic front, the labor department says both continuing and new jobless claims are down. new data also suggests that companies are not pursuing mass lay offs. one analysts say the economy is not yet turning around or gaining momentum. most people are also signing contracts to buy homes but analysts say not enough to lift the housing market. while pending home sales rose 5.2% in july, they remained well below the levels from last year. there was a surge when the government offered tax incentives to first time buyers but sales sank again when the credits expired in april. june's readings were the lowest since kept. you may be grossed out when you see what happens behind the counter. but experts say you should be
5:36 pm
more worried about conditions in your home. is a dumb meter smarter than a smart meter? what the public utilities conference had to say about all of this. and pg & e's answer. and leaders of the fda were asked to come to washington, and what they were asked to do to keep us safe. that story, coming up.
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he's been the subject of controversy for months. now an independent review of pg & e's smart meters exonerates the technology but pg & e is taking some lumps for how it handled the installation which won't be completed for another year. tom vacar joins us now from an oakland power foundation. >> it's a test of randomly chosen smart meters and complaints rose when consumers didn't like it. by the end of next year, p g & e would have installed thousands of meters. >> i wouldn't want to use one. i would want it proven of course, but i wouldn't want to
5:40 pm
use one. >> reporter: san diegan mike kessler says it's not a problem there. >> i haven't heard of any problems because of the change to automated. >> reporter: is this technology better, meaning more accurate and safer than this old technology. second question, did pg & e do a good job in introducing it to the public. but as pg & e is dealing with customers concerned about high bills and possible health effects from the broadcast signal. >> we've heard loud and clear that what was found lacking was customer communication and customer service. >> reporter: pg & e says it's created a task force. hired additional customer service personnel and opened additional call centers.
5:41 pm
as to health issues -- >> i think about the radiation and the fact that we're being forced to have these in very close proximity to our houses and we have no choice. >> exposure levels from the smart meters are far lower than you would get from a cell phone. they are a very tiny percentage of this safety limits adopted by the fcc. pg & e still recovering from the huge and negative public relations that it took when it lost proposition 15, that was an attempt to protect its monopoly from public agencies. so pg & e is working to restore its imagine. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. people being poisoned by salmonella are being urged to
5:42 pm
go to washington, d.c. to rally. it would give the government the sole authority to immediately recall questionable food, something it cannot do right now. >> the government can require the recall of a call, it are require the recall of a toy, but it cannot require a recall of a food. >> time is running out for congress to pass the legislation before the midterm elections in november and a new congress takes office in january. as you probably just getting ready to make dinner. here's a study that may have you thinking twice about what's in your own kitchen. a study done by the health department suggests that at least one in seven home kitchens would flunk the kind of health inspections done in restaurants. a study found that fewer than 3% of kitchens would get a
5:43 pm
grade of a or b. in compareson, 98% of restaurants get an a or b each year. as we take a peak outside, it might be a bit too hot out there for you. bill martin will tell us which areas are set to see some pretty big changes.
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california is now 64 days into it's fiscal year with no budget in sight. today a lawmaker tried to bring
5:46 pm
attention to local services being compromised because sacramento failed to pass a budget. >> we know we all benefit when these services are in place. >> reporter: officials say cuts would be better than the present situation. >> so that we know how much money we do have. even if it's a reduced budget. we can pay people and get vaccines going again. >> reporter: here at the berkeley center for independent living, the current impasse in sacramento is holding up their funding. that accounts for half of their
5:47 pm
budget. >> outreach to them and say, for you to move forward. >> reporter: today senator hancock stopped there to talk about the issue. >> we have a situation in sacramento where a small minority of legislators can hold up the budget indefinitely until they get what they want, and what they want is cuts to all of these things. >> reporter: berkeley city college officials say in just the past year, 1,000 classes have been cancelled. >> from an educational standpoint this is crazy. you invest in people so that they can be skilled, go out, get a job. be productive members of the community. when you cut classes, you end up opening prison doors. >> reporter: governor arnold schwarzenegger says it's time to overhaul the way california does business. >> the time is over now, because after seven year, now we're going to do the reforms that need to be done which will
5:48 pm
be absolutely crucial for the future of this state. senator hancock says the venues she visited are facing the same dire circumstances. in berkeley, i'm john sasaki. across the bay, bay of san francisco, officials say that golden gate park has become unsafe. coming up next at 6:00, the murder spree that left four people dead continues to get more strength. the new information we learned tonight. julie haener is in the newsroom to tell us what we're working on. >> the officials that may have been on board the deadly plane
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crash at the peninsula, and you how far onlooker went to save the victims. it might mean big changes, the severe cuts in service nummi is now considering. what grape growers in the livermore valley say they need for successful progress. right now the avenues of san francisco, you are just seeing the fog in just the last couple of minutes. the fog is beginning to move along the park, heading up toward 19th. the temperatures today were hot. had a spare the air day again today. the national -- not the national weather service, the air quality national district
5:50 pm
has declared a spare the air day for friday. you can car pool to work, do so. they've issued it, it's not going to be as hot as it was today. tomorrow it'll be cooler but the inversion will be shallow. so in the inland bay valley, the particulars from the commute will linger. there's the two areas of the highest ozone concentration. so it will be a spare the air day. temperatures trending down. we're looking for numbers by saturday they'll be back in the 80s. from here we just head south in terms of the temperature. computer model, cooler and then look at some of the sampled cities. san jose 86 and certainly comer than it was today -- certainly cooler than it was today by 9 degrees.
5:51 pm
86 in petaluma, 86 in nevado. it'll -- the fog will be present and it'll be thick in spots. 80s in some places up toward the park. you're going to be seeing temperatures tomorrow and the next couple of days in the upper 50s and 60s because the fog just hangs right there. 64degrees in half-moon bay. that's up against the water. the pacific numbers up in the canyon a little bit. it's not up there in lindimar beach. you get the picture, i mean you can't have one temperature represent an entire city. but those temperatures are what you would expect as a broad brush. the five day forecast then looks as though we'll get a little break in the fire danger. cooler for the holiday weekend which is just about here you guys. >> i know. >> right around the corner, all right, thanks bill. from a usf laboratory, a
5:52 pm
product that may soon save hundreds of thousands of years in a year.
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5:54 pm
ucsf researchers unveiled a new device that may save
5:55 pm
millions of the lives. it's an implantable, john fowler has the story. >> reporter: each year kidney failure strikes a half million americans. the number increasing because of diabetes and hyper tension. a few gets transplants, others are thetered for years. >> i feel muddy. and when i come to dialysis, it's like if the car has been washed. >> reporter: many dialysis patients cannot work. >> you can't safely miss a session. >> reporter: every year one in four dialysis patients dies. this coffee cup sized propowe prototype promises to end that.
5:56 pm
and the filters inside are so efficient it uses no pumps, no electricity, no batteries, it runs solely by your own blood pressure. >> providing 24/7 therapy and allowing the freedom to live normally. i think it's a very big deal. >> just knowing the device is in development has changed his outlook in life. >> i might be able to work again. it's a fantastic possibility, absolutely fantastic. >> researchers say the artificial kidney could cost about the same and last as long as a traditional kidney transplant and maybe used in patients for the first time in as little as five years. reporting live, john fowler, ktvu channel two news. ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 is next. >> reporter: you soon may not be able to get places from here, service cuts under consideration, coming up.
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big splash and a loud thump. a small ane crashes into the peninsula. tonight the ceo of a local company that may have been on board. also what the witnesses did to try to save the passengers. plus, comes coming to ac transit, we'll tell you which services are most at risk. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. at this hour a federal investigators and local rescue teams are at the redwood shores lagoon in redwood cities trying to figure out the next step to retrieve a pilot and two passengers who crashed into the water. the plane crashed around

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